The Yakovlevs - Aerobatic Display Team
The Yakovlevs - Aerobatic Display Team
Wednesday 19th August 2015
at 10:45 and 15:05

The Yakovlevs are a UK based aerobatic display team who have earned a reputation for excellence over the last 14 years, delighting over a billion people in the process, across four continents!

Find us on Facebook and Twitter
Find us on Facebook and Twitter
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The Wildcats - Aerobatic Display Team
The Wildcats - Aerobatic Display Team
Tuesday 18th August 2015
at 12.30pm

This amazing air entertainment is provided by Wildcat Aerobatics who are East Anglia's premier formation, aerobatic display team.

The Blades - Aerobatic Display Team
The Blades - Aerobatic Display Team
Wednesday 19th August 2015
at 13:00.

The Blades display includes over 30 exhilarating manoeuvres. Containing a variety of mind-blowing aerobatic stunts flown just feet apart, each and every display is meticulously planned, briefed, executed and debriefed.

Grand Fireworks Display
Grand Fireworks Display
Thursday 20th August 2015
at 21:15 (approximately).

The finale will be to music from the Last Night of the Proms.

Our Grand Fireworks Display and of course all the fun of the fair up at the Carnival Field.

No entrance charge for fireworks, but please make sure you find one of the donation buckets in the course of the evening!

Make sure you arrive in good time - there's always a last minute rush on car parking, which is very tricky on the evening.

Fancy Dress Dance
Fancy Dress Dance
Tickets 10.00 each.

Must be 18 years of age or over - ID will be requested.

Fancy dress only.

Tickets available from The Cottage, Louden Road, Cromer, from 9:00 on Saturday 1st August 2015!

Cromer Carnival 2015


Wine Tasting Evening and Fancy Dress Dance Tickets

Tickets for the Wine Tasting Evening, due to be held on Sunday 16th August 2015 have now SOLD OUT.

Tickets for the Fancy Dress Dance, due to be held on Friday 21st August 2015 are still available to buy, from The Cottage Freehouse, Louden Road, Cromer.

Congratulations to Lily-Mae Dougan!

Congratulations to Lily-Mae Dougan!

We would like to take this opportunity to say a very big THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to Lily-Mae Dougen, from Cromer Academy, who won a competition at her school to design the front cover of our programme.

We love it and hope you all do too!

Cromer Carnival 2016

Carnival week is always held in August, in the week which includes the third Wednesday.

So in 2016 it will be held from Saturday 13th August to Friday 19th August, with Carnival Day being held on Wednesday 17th August.

Cromer Carnival 2015

Carnival week is always held in August, in the week which includes the third Wednesday.

So in 2015 it will be held from Saturday 15th August to Friday 21st August, with Carnival Day being held on Wednesday 19th August 2015.

Put a date in your diary NOW!!

The weather's brightening, there's a series of events on at weekends in Cromer - summer must be on its way.

Another sign that summer's coming is the selection of Miss Cromer and her attendants, ready for the Carnival. Congratulations to all those who entered and special congratulations to those who won places in the Cromer's Royal Family for this year.

We're keeping a few video sequences from last year's events in place below, but we'll gradually be changing things as new events happen. And if you're looking for photo from Carnival 2014? Click on Andreas Yiasimi's site for a great selection of images or for photographs from the 2014 Fancy Dress Dance, visit Martin's Photos.

You can check this site, find us on Facebook at Cromer Carnival (Official) or check the 'Events' listing on your mobile phone 'Cromer' app (iPhone and Android) as plans go ahead for 2015. Book the week from Saturday 15th August to Friday 21st August 2015, (Carnival Day is Wednesday 19th August 2015), if you want to be in on the action!

Thanks to Clive and his team for a great fireworks display. There's a short video of some of Thursday evening's event above. Sorry we can't be everywhere and cover everything!

On Carnival Day the weather cooperated all day long and we stayed dry throughout the parade. Congratulations to all the prize-winners for the great floats and congratulations to all for taking part. Another winner, I think.

The morning started of with the arrival of the West Runton mammoth in the Blogg Gardens and then the official opening of the day and the first prize-givings. You'd heard of the 'elephant in the room' - well, this one is the 'elephant in the garden'. Lots came along to have their photo taken with this five metre high reconstruction of the animal that lived in the Cromer area 600,000 years ago - and tool the chance to find out more in the Museum.

A quick selection below of some of the events at Family Fun Day on the Tuesday.

A tremendous aerial display by the Wildcats team was the highlight of events of events up at the field - or from wherever you happened to be watching! Though that's perhaps a bit unfair on the youngsters who were busy enjoying themselves with the various clowning events and the bicycles, spinning plates and hoops in the marquee. Not much room to spare in there when we called in.

Lots of charity stalls in operation around the field - we hope you were able to support them. Everyone was a bit concerned as they set up about 9am, with grey skies and drizzle but it gradually cleared up and everything went into action, with just some appropriate changes being made to the arena programme.

On Monday, after all the concern about the wind on the promenade, the switch to the Meadow for the Waiters and Waitreesses events proved very successful - even though running on uneven ground was perhaps a bit more difficult. There was a really good turnout; thanks to all who regularly support this event by taking part.

We've put together a short video - click on the screen above - to feature some who took part in the 'Best-Dressed' and then in the races. Finally there's a quick look at the winners. Enjoy.

If you're enjoying the videos, you can click on the 'Subscribe' button on the Youtube link and you'll be alerted to all the local films we make for the channel..

After a dull start to Sunday, the sun came out to shine on the crowning ceremony for Miss Cromer. The ceremony was slightly interrupted by someone purporting to be a Mrs Brown, but Paul Eastwood from the Cromer Pier Show handled the situation very well and roped her in to assist with the crowning - so all went well.

A wonderful selection of cars, including steam cars, for the Royal Party and guests this morning. Glad they were able to take the slope on the way back from the promenade.

And the sun stayed out and shone for us up on the Carnival Field. Lots and lots of 'Bonnie Babies' - who all of course deserved to win Not to be outdone, the 'Glamorous Grannies' - generally accompanied by their grandchildren - were the next on display. Next was a 45th birthday cake for the Carnival. There was some initial reluctance but then the trousers were rolled up and the 'Knobbly Knees' came into view - does anywhere else still have a 'Knobbly Knees' competition!

Lots of classes, mostly well supported, for the Children's Fancy Dress. One lad carried the whole of Cromer Pier, which had been ingeniously created from a range of kitchen boxes and bottles. Shiny butterflies, pirates and spacemen, local and comic book themes were all represented. The Batmobile seemed a little on the wobbly side, but still won its class. Some fearsome warriors were waving their swords with abandon but all survived. We've tried to give a flavour of the afternoon in our video.

A warm welcome from the Carnival refreshment tent yesterday morning. Lovely and warm when the sun came out; a bit of a cool breeze when the sun hid behind a cloud but a busy morning for all for Carnival Saturday.